Cleaning your roof is no easy task however these tips will assist you to ensure you go into the job prepared and armed with all the information you need!

How are solar panels mounted on your roof?

It is extremely important to have an expert install the solar panels on your roof as each roof will have a different requirement. We have put some information below regarding the different options in Australia.

Tiled roof:

To install panels onto a single or double story tiled roof the roof tiles are removed to screw in the mounting brackets. Tiles are then reinstalled in the same position and some rails are mounted on to the brackets. The panels are mounted with enough space to ensure circulation and so they can cool down in extremely hot weather.

Tin/metal roof:

When installing the brackets on a metal roof the existing screws are utilised so that there is no additional drilling required. The Australian standard require the existing roof screws be replaced with a larger screw for safety reasons and to ensure the panels are secure. It is important that the screws and brackets are fitted/sealed by a professional so that no leaks can occur over time.

Flat roof:

The same principle applies when installing solar on a flat tiled or metal roof however a frame is also included so that there is some pitch/tilt for optimal use of the solar panels.

Does your roof require maintenance?

Many people make the mistake of having solar panels installed before ensuring the roof is in a watertight condition. The reason this is important is due to access issues once the solar panels are installed. When it comes to roof maintenance there are different options available depending on the material of your roof.

If you have an old metal roof with many leaks it may be worth arranging a quote for a Colorbond Roof Replacement or Metal Roof Replacement. There is a higher cost associated with this in comparison to Tiled Roof Maintenance however the quality of material used can last over 50 years with very little maintenance when installed correctly. Further to this you may have extra battens installed to help with reinforcing the structure as well as using thicker sheets (the roof does bare more of a load once you have the solar panels installed).

The requirements to maintain a tiled roof will vary depending on the condition and the maintenance that has been done in previous years. A terracotta tiled roof may be full of moss/lichen therefore we would suggest a roof cleaning service with a high-pressure hose along with Re-Bedding, Re-Pointing and Broken tile replacement. A cement tiled roof can be painted once the roof cleaning and maintenance has been carried out. Not only does this enhance the look of the exterior of your home but also seals the roof for years to come!

You can contact your solar company should you wish to arrange having your solar panels cleaned.

What are the benefits of having solar panels on your roof?

There are both pros and cons to having solar panels installed on your roof and we have listed these for you below:

PROS: Saving on your electricity bill, reduce carbon emissions, generate clean/renewable energy, low maintenance.

CONS: Initial setup is costly, they don’t work at night, can be difficult to find a trustworthy source, batteries can be expensive.

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