Metal Roof Replacement is a popular option when upgrading from a tiled roof. The most popular material used is Colorbond due to the longevity and warranty on the material. If you are looking for a long term, trustworthy solution for your property then we would suggest investing in a Colorbond Roof Replacement. You won’t regret it!

We have gathered some information so you can compare your options and make the best, most informed decision.

Some benefits of a Colorbond Roof Replacement are:

  • Colorbond roofs are diverse and give your home a contemporary feel which can be quite expensive to achieve when using other materials.
  • Using the correct method of install (including sarking/insulation) Colorbond roofs can actually be relatively quiet when facing the elements of rain or hail in the cooler months.
  • Colorbond has an extensive range of colours available so we guarantee there will be something in their range for you. If you are investing in gutters, downpipes and fascias we would suggest matching the selected colour to these as well.
  • In comparison to a tiled roof, metal roofs have little maintenance requirements.
  • Colorbond roofs are durable and can handle the harsh weather conditions in Australia.

Some disadvantages are:

  • Unless you are planning on making the most of upgrading toa Colorbond roof we would recommend against the install due to the price of this investment. Depending on the size of your home it can cost upwards of $20k.
  • If the roof isn’t installed properly you could end up with sound issues or leaks.

We have also listed some other metal materials that can be used in place of Colorbond however depending on the application will depend on how practical the use is.


Aluminium is wonderful for its many superb characteristics, such as high resistance to rust and corrosion, highly recyclable, lightweight, and a middle-of-the-road price point. It is also known to be the third most abundant material in the world!

The disadvantage of using aluminium is that it can be easily dented and can also suffer from expansion and contraction.


As a widely abundant metal (although not as much as aluminium), zinc roofs are becoming very popular for homes in Australia and elsewhere. Zinc is well-known to be highly durable, lasting well over half a century and in some cases over 150 years old. It is also a highly environmentally-friendly metal and it’s easy to maintain and form, making it perfect for many homeowners.

Unfortunately, pure zinc roofing is quite expensive and can corrode on its underside so may not be the best choice for your home.


Commonly used in historic buildings and a favourite of governments in previous centuries, copper roofs have many excellent benefits that are similar to aluminium in some regards.

Like aluminium, copper roofs are highly durable, lightweight, and recyclable. Unlike aluminium, copper develops a rich patina as it ages (it turns green) which may be a pro or a con, depending on your perspective. It is also prohibitively expensive for many homeowners.

Stainless Steel

Popular for handrails, kitchen countertops, and in many other practical applications, stainless steel is also an excellent metal for roofing. It can last for over 60 years, withstands the elements and expansion/contraction very well, and can be finished with a variety of paint colours including polished finishes.

Keep in mind this can be a very costly option and can also be prone to corrosion if exposed to standing water at points of contact with non-stainless stell metals, which is something to consider during construction.

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